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Automated Data Entry

PMB, brings down the number of billing errors to zero while greatly reducing the transfer time needed for manual entry. All of your billing information is automatically carried over from your EHR (EMR) to comprehensive billing software for further processing

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  • No longer worry about getting billing codes wrong.
  • Forget about the hassle of manually transferring large amounts of data for the billing process
  • No longer run the risk of possible data redundancy or typing errors caused by data entry clerks
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Error-free Claims

At PMB, we submit claims that are clean, correct and complete the first time, expediting the payment process and eliminating rejections and denials.

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  • Incorrect or incomplete claims are a thing of the past. Once you sign up with PMB, the only claims reaching insurance companies will be clean and error free.
  • Our procedures and database for billing codes are always up-to-date, helping us apply the current rules to claims.
  • We use our 25 years of experience to apply rules from each payer before the claim reaches them. Error free claims mean you do not have to wait ages before they get accepted and the money reaches your bank.
  • We have developed tools that help us keep an eye on every single denial that needs follow up. This can also be viewed by the client at any time - keeping them informed of the ongoing process.
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Claim Follow-up

We make sure none of your hard-earned money is left on the table just because no one made the claim follow-ups. Our in-house claim follow-up tools keep us, as well as our clients, updated on all the denied claims so that follow- up is made right on time.

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  • Along with our Claim follow-up tools, we have a diligent team of experts who stay in touch with both payers and patients to research and resolve payment issues; collecting without delay
  • Our approach is aggressive when it comes to disputed and unpaid medical insurance claims. Even with secondary and tertiary medical claim billing, we do not giveup until the issue is fully resolved
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Intuitive Reporting

We are incomparable to other medical billing companies when it comes to providing business insight with the help of intuitive reporting. Our reports provide powerful analysis and data visualization of the financial health of your business. Instead of monthly, receive online reports that keep you up-to-date to make informed and intelligent business decisions.

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  • Request a custom report, free of charge
  • Reports built from the practice owner’s perspective
  • Make data usable with easy to access and understand reports that provide you with insight into your practice’s health at a glance
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Measure Practice Performance with Custom Reports

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As part of our services, we are pleased to offer custom, easy-to-read reports for your Medical Practice. With the help of interactive charting, these reports are a powerful analytic tool to combine with revenue cycle management, provider performance, Insurance reimbursements, and more. Immediately track performance and make qualified decisions with the click of a button.

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PMB Replaces these 5 In-House Roles to 1

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    Data entry clerk

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    Medical Billing Specialist

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    Payment Entry Clerk

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    Account representative

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    Revenue Cycle Manager


Brett Michener, CEO, PT, CSCS, TPI CGFI

M&M Physical Therapy

testimonial for pmb

Since hiring Park Medical Billing we have been impressed with their level of knowledge of physical therapy billing services and exemplary customer service. Park’s team has turned around a desperate situation and retuned us to profitability in a matter of a few months. Chol was able to institute streamlined billing practices as well as make himself available to us regarding any questions or concerns we had through a challenging time in our company’s history.

Audrey Haynes has been a great addition to our team as well. She is continuing to help my employees collect the correct data and follow up with any billing issues in a timely manner. She is always quick to respond in person with questions or concerns.

As the CEO, having the right people in the right job is one of my top priorities. We definitely made the right choice in choosing Park Medical Billing for our billing needs. I look forward to both growing with them, and having a long and fruitful relationship. I would wholeheartedly endorse them as our medical billing company of choice.

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E. Christine DeCaro, PT, DPT, OCS

Northern Hills Physical Therapy

testimonial for pmb

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy and private practice owner, I have been very pleased with the physical therapy billing services provided by the Park Medical Billing Team. They have provided the exact services that we contracted. They are professional, consistent, and accessible.

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For medical billing services, we are your partner in revenue cycle management

Achieve greater profitability for your medical practice with Park Medical Billing, a trusted medical billing company, while freeing up your time to focus on patients. We make sure to collect every dollar you’re entitled by providing the best medical billing solutions for your practice.

The Latest Healthcare Technology for Your Practice

What sets us apart from other medical billing companies is our cutting-edge technology and experienced personnel, which anticipates and prevents coding and billing errors while maximizing output. As part of our medical billing services, we provide automated data entry by integrating with your EHR and providing fully transparent Revenue Cycle Management reports.

Increase your Revenue

Park Medical Billing focuses on increasing your overall practice reimbursement. We continually work to improve the business side of your healthcare practice by managing the billing process and developing workflow plans for your staff. Contact us today and find out more about our medical billing solutions for your practice.
Client Support

At PMB, we enjoy not only helping our clients with their billing processes and generating revenue but also being available when they want

No long term Contracts

Do you hate long-term contracts that take away a little piece of your mind, so do we. At PMB we only have month to month contracts. While we are certain you would not want this but You can discontinue our service at the end of the month

EMR/EHR Integration

PMB integrates your existing or preferred EMR/EHR products with our billing software.


Our Latest Blogs

Park medical

July 25, 2016

Areas Where Your Practice Could be Losing Money

Does it seem like you’re working more hours on your practice yet not making more money? It may be because you’ve got several “leaks” in your practice.

These leaks are areas in your practice that unknown to you do nothing but consume your revenue. From before the actual patient visit to well after the patient leaves the clinic, medical practices can lose a lot of money because of these leaks. Could your practice be among those plagued by these leaks? Read on to find out and plug those leaks before they pull the plug on your practice.

Before the Patient Visit

Even before the actual patient visit, practices can lose a significant amount of income due to negligence in verifying insurance eligibility, which leads to claim denials and delays. According to the American Medical Association (AMA) 25% of private payer denials are directly caused by patients being ineligible for benefits.

Park medical

July 13, 2016

Common Billing Mistakes that Can Cost You Money

In the busy billing office of any physical therapy practice, mistakes are bound to happen. With so many details to take care of and information to sift through, it’s literally impossible to be totally error-free. For practices to maintain good cash flow however, it’s not about avoiding mistakes altogether; it’s about avoiding the ones that can cost you the most. Below are some of the most common of these costly errors:

1. Not filing claims in a timely manner

As we’ve pointed out before, the late submission of claims is one of the recurring reasons why claims end up denied or delayed. Many payers set a filing limit that can be as little as a month after the date of service. Go beyond this limit and the claim may be denied.

To avoid denials, it is crucial that claims be filed on time, ideally as close to the service date as possible. This greatly improves your chances of collecting and consequently keeps your cash flow

Park medical

June 20, 2016

5 Common Causes of Claim Denials and Delays

It’s now the middle of the year. How are your revenue cycles doing so far?

If you’re shrugging your shoulders or letting out a loaded sigh, chances are your revenue cycles aren’t flowing as smoothly as they should be, and we know the biggest reason why: claim denials and delays.

As much as you’d like to keep your cash moving, there always seems to be a snag when it comes to claims. For some unfortunate physical therapists, waiting for reimbursements can even take up to five months! That’s more of a sinkhole than a cycle, and you need to get out of there fast.

The first step to getting out of that revenue rut is to recognize the biggest causes of claim denials and delays. Only by knowing and understanding these causes can you avoid them and consequently make sure that your revenue cycles keep turning in the right pace.

See why PMB is the best Medical Practice billing service.

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