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Telehealth – 5 Commonly Asked Questions for PT and Occupational Providers

Q: How often can you bill for the telehealth service.¬†¬†(cumulative time during the 7 days)¬† Answer:¬†¬†PT Providers should only bill for telehealth visit to satisfy the total cumulative time spent with the patient during the 7day work week.¬† Example:¬†¬†Provider¬†performs¬†E-Visit¬†on¬†Monday-10min,¬†¬†Tues-10 min,¬†¬†Thurs-10min, the appropriate way to bill is to calculate the total Read more…

Basics and Necessity of Credentialing

Physician/non-physician credentialing is required to allow practitioners to provide services to their patients. Medical Billing companies like Park Medical Billing submits enrollment applications and the associated documentation on behalf of the provider organization to keep its physicians’ records updated.