Gastroenterology billing services

Gastroenterology billing

Truly Custom & Technology Enhanced Revenue Cycle Management Solutions for Gastroenterology Medical Practice

The many complexities inherent in gastroenterology billing explain why you need a professionally trained staff in order to ensure your billing and coding is accurate and timely. For example, it is important to note advancement beyond the splenic flexure when billing for a colonoscopy – otherwise, your billing will only document a sigmoidoscopy. Errors like this can significantly decrease the profitability of your gastroenterology practice.
Coding is complex. It requires a high level of skill and can take a long time if the coder is not familiar with all of the terms. Delays in billing can mean delays in payment, lengthening your revenue cycle. Additionally, endoscopy billing often requires tracking underpayments, which can be beyond the abilities of your billing staff and software. By not tracking underpayments, you may be missing out on up to 10 percent of your potential revenue. Contracting with Park Medical Billing will not only cut down on your overhead and staffing fees it will also reduce your reliance on administrative professionals. Our billing specialists will also make sure that your billing is compliant and within standards.

We understand the complexities of gastroenterology billing, including GI function studies, category III codes for GERD treatment, and the use of modifiers -51, -59 and -26. Park Medical Billing offers peace of mind. With us, there is no need to worry about being audited or fined for failure to comply with the many, often changing, requirements of medical billing. You can instead focus on your practice.

Our medical billing company can also provide customized reports and software that will help you maintain patient records in an easy and efficient way. By working with us, you can improve your practice’s efficiency and profitability. We will both identify and fix any problem areas in your billing and work hard to make sure you receive the maximum reimbursement you are entitled to.

When pain management billing becomes a challenging aspect of your business, trust Park Medical Billing to reduce its impact. We provide not only an alternative but also a cost-saving solution.

Our technologically advanced billing system, combined with over 25 years of medical billing experience provides peace of mind in knowing your claims are submitted correctly, in a timely manner, while generating continual cash flow. Park Medical Billing Inc. is fully compliant with HIPAA regulations and stays up to date with changes in Medicare compliance guideline and upcoming ICD-10 implementation.

For additional information about our services, please call us at (201) 585-7306 or email at info@parkmedicalbilling.com. We look forward to providing you with the high-quality billing services you deserve.

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