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I am sure that you are all more than well aware that we are in the age of convenience! Due to rapidly growing technology things are at our fingertips – and when it comes to healthcare, medical billing companies have emerged as a comprehensive, cost-effective and hassle free way of getting your claims settled quickly and effectively.

Today’s physicians are aware of the fact that in order to stay in the business, they need to function with greater efficiency. This is why it is very important to consider opting for a healthcare billing service, as it will ensure that your practice can stay on top of its claims.

I wanted to point out a few merits of outsourced medical billing:

Proper data management and reduced billing errors! If you choose to outsource your medical billing all of your records are diligently and safely maintained. On top of that the daily electronic submissions expedite the reimbursement process completely eliminates the risk of billing errors that occur when billing is managed in the traditional way.

Greater focus on patient satisfaction! Physicians run on faith – it’s a proven fact. It is pertinent that you provide excellent medical service to all your patients on an ongoing basis. I am sure that as a doctor you understand that at times it can quite difficult for the you (and your staff) to cope with the demands of treating patients and handling billing issues simultaneously. One of the biggest advantages to outsourcing is that you can spend more time focusing on patient satisfaction and providing quality care to your patients. If you have a practice and cannot afford large medical office staff this is even better – since your doctors won’t have to waste their precious time doing admin work, and can truly focus on patient care. The bottom line is that a physician will not able to do justice to his/her work if he/she is always worrying about the financial constraints.

It is more cost-effective! Compared to traditional in-house billing outsourcing your medical billing is less expensive. It involves a greater level of transparency as it can generate complete performance report and data automatically on request. This allow you – the medical practitioner – to be free from the worries of staffing because outsourcing completely purges out in-house billing of employee salaries, vacations, sick days and payroll taxes. Imagine your have 3-4 staff in your billing department and 1 is ill while another has a personal emergency. If that happens your operations and cash flow can be majorly stalled. With outsourcing you never have to worry about these types of problems because there are always people there to handle your billing.

All that being said I think that it is very important for you (the physician) to choose a right billing organization, having an unprofessional biller could potentially ruin a physician’s business and reputation. Park Medical Billing offers professional, specialized, reliable, cost-effective services. We have been helping medical professionals for the past 6 years, providing comprehensive services that enable doctors to focus on the well being of their patients while maximizing revenue.

Give us a call at 1-201-585-7306 or visit our contact us for a free live demo today!

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