Dermatology Billing Services


Truly Custom & Technology Enhanced Revenue Cycle Management Solutions for Medical Practice

The many complexities inherent in dermatology billing explain why you will need a professional, trained staff to ensure your billing and coding is accurate and done in a timely manner. Delays in billing can mean delays in payment, lengthening your revenue cycle. If coding is inaccurate, you may be under-compensated or even have to deal with audits and fines. Park Medical Billing has highly competent coders who diligently follow all industry standards and make sure you never miss out on any of the compensation you are due.

Dermatology billing can be complicated, but our billing professionals are trained in everything from lesion removals to skin grafts. They additionally are well versed in all coding systems, including HCPCS, upcoming ICD-10 implementations, and CPT. Our billing specialists can cut down on your overhead and staffing fees, reduce your reliance on administrative professionals, and make sure you are fully compliant with all standards.

Park Medical Billing avoids dermatology billing pitfalls such as ‘scratch and patch’ test underpayments while still maintaining meticulous records. And because we care about your patients’ information security as much as you do- all data is secure at all times. In fact, access to files must be authorized by you. You are not turning your patient’s information over to strangers; you are gaining partners that have your bottom line as a priority.

In addition to secure medical billing, we can also provide guidance on software that will help you maintain client records and produce customized reports. By contracting with Park Medical Billing, you can improve your practice’s efficiency and profitability. With our medical billing professionals on your side, you can put your attention back on your dermatology practice, where it belongs, rather than worrying about constantly updated coding standards and working with insurance companies.

Our technologically advanced billing system, combined with over 25 years of medical billing experience will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your medical billing is intact. We will ensure your claims are submitted correctly in a timely manner, while generating continual cash flow. Park Medical Billing Inc. is fully compliant with HIPAA regulations, and stays up to date with changes in Medicare compliance guidelines.

For additional information about our services, please call us at (201) 585-7306 or email at We look forward to providing you with the high quality billing services you deserve.

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