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How Park Medical Billing Increases Revenue Using AI

This article covers the analytical approach that Park Medical Billing is taking to redefine the medical billing industry. This feat is achieved by using Artificial Intelligence to minimize claim denials, maximize reimbursements, and provide valuable insights to optimize revenue. #1

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High Accuracy physical therapy billing

Medical billing challenges and their solutions

Whether it’s a freestanding surgery center, a regular care hospital, or a medical office practice, there are some medical billing issues that can impact your revenue and how customers perceive your business. Knowing about these issues and how to solve

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Certified Medical Billing Specialists

Most Asked Questions about Telehealth & Occupational Therapy Billing

Q: How often can you bill for the telehealth service.  (cumulative time during the 7 days)  Answer:  PT Providers should only bill for telehealth visit to satisfy the total cumulative time spent with the patient during the 7day work week.  Example:  Provider performs E-Visit on Monday-10min,  Tues-10 min,  Thurs-10min,

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How to improve patient collections

Tips To Boost Patient Collections

According to the recent studies by ACA International, 29 percent of adults have medical debt or have a hard time keeping up with their medical bills. From these results alone, it’s apparent that something needs to be done to improve

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