Applying The Best Practices In Your Medical Billing

Best Practice Medical Billing

  Medical billing is really a central pillar of any health care practice. It is considered as one of the most important aspects of running a successful practice. With the right team and proper knowledge and process of medical billing, it can increase revenue and profitability. However, If done improperly without using best practices, it […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Park Medical Billing

Medical Billing

A medical clinic won’t be complete without the medical billers. If compared to a machinery, they serve as oil to keep the operations going. Their main task is to ensure billing is done properly and all the medical codes are precise and accurate to ensure their patients are reimbursed properly. However, managing the medical bills […]

5 Bad Coding and Billing Habits You Need to Break– Right Now!

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You’re losing lots of money on your practice and you don’t even know it.

How could you not be aware of thousands of dollars being lost, you say? Surely that kind of money can’t just disappear without you knowing.

The answer: bad habits. Bad coding and billing habits to be exact. A lot of physical therapists fall victim to these habits without their knowledge, and it’s not totally their fault. Most of them have been misinformed or got used to a certain system that they didn’t know has long been outdated.

It’s time to break those bad habits and get your practice the profits it deserves!

Habit 1: Forgetting Assessment and Management Time

There are several components that make up your service time: patient assessment and preparation (Pre-Time), performing the procedure (Intra-Time), and lastly, documentation and discharge (Post-Time). One financially deadly habit that PTs make is forgetting to include all of these components into their assessment and management time.