Physical Therapy Billing Services

Physical Therapy Billing Services

Truly Custom & Technology Enhanced Revenue Cycle Management Solutions for Medical Practice

Physical therapy services are incredibly difficult to bill. Practitioners are challenged by its often ambiguous aspects and simply understanding what services will be considered a ‘medical necessity’ is a job in itself. Many therapists are therefore forced to expand their services so that they are adequately reimbursed and often still lose revenue due to inadequate medical billing.

Physical therapy is an intensive type of medical service that requires time to provide comprehensive treatment plans for patients. This time should not be spent attempting to manage complicated physical therapy billing requirements. Even with the most diligent and critical eye, it is easy to make mistakes in this type of medical billing.

Park Medical Billing has experienced certified medical billing specialists who understand the complexities of PT billing. We can accurately bill for variety services. Your claim, even if it is for neurological therapy, will be completed quickly and correctly, reducing how much time you spend worrying about receiving payment.

Our physical therapy billing services are designed to expedite reimbursements. Using outsourced medical billing professionals, who code accurately, while also constantly following up on claims, monitoring accounts, and ensuring compliancy, you can rest at ease.

Correct medical billing is essential for every independent physical therapy practice, but many practices cannot afford to learn its many nuances. Our services ensure your practice receives the revenue it is entitled to while working with the physical therapy practitioner, billing and coding professional, or practice administrator that is currently responsible for it.

Park Medical Billing company provides customized solutions for your practice. We are knowledgeable about the many options in EMR & PMS software and can work with your current solution or recommend different ones. Using our services and talented medical billing professionals, the revenue cycle management portion of your business can become a lot easier.

Our technologically advanced billing system, combined with over 25 years of medical billing experience will give you peace of mind – ensuring that your claims are submitted correctly in a timely manner while generating continual cash flow.

Park Medical Billing – the physical therapy billing company, is fully compliant with HIPAA regulations and stays up to date with changes in Medicare compliance guidelines and the upcoming ICD-10 implementation. Does your practice need additional billing expertise? For more about our services, call us at (201) 585-7306 or email at info@parkmedicalbilling.com. We look forward to creating custom physical therapy billing solutions that fit your needs.

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