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Why should you hire physical therapy billing services?

Physical Therapy providers need to be able to rely on their billing company. At Park Medical Billing, we specialize in Physical Therapy Billing. We understand the ins and outs of this specialty’s rules and have implemented our billing processes to adhere to these rules and regulations to maximize your revenue.
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Our Billing Services for Physical Therapy Practices

Physical Therapy is a time-consuming job that requires intensive care and comprehensive treatment plans. Don’t spend your time trying to understand its complex billing systems and payment methods – Let us provide you with a sense of reliability knowing that our experienced billers specialize in Physical Therapy. Are you leaving thousands of dollars on the table in uncollected revenue?

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Custom EMR Integration & Billing Automation

Access customized automation solutions to help eliminate billing errors, like the connection of codes, patient statements, downloading EOB, etc. Moreover, we provide EMR integration to streamline workflow while reducing denial rates and lost changes.

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Custom Scrubbing:

Tired of dealing with claim errors? Our state-of-the-art Al-driven claims scrubbers meticulously examine medical
claims, identifying and flagging errors or inconsistencies from doctors’ notes before submission to insurance
companies. Whether it’s confirming patient eligibility, pinpointing incorrect coding, or detecting modifiers, we identify
and rectify every issue. Bid farewell to the hassle of claim denials and welcome timely reimbursements.

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Daily Denial Emails

Our unique algorithms create Daily Denial Reports. Your account manager receives an email every morning with all the denials from the previous day’s ERAs. This special email eliminates numerous hours of labor so that our billers can focus on pursuing those denials to increase your refund.

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Real-Time Reporting

When it comes to offering transparency and business insight with the aid of our intuitive reporting, we are incomparable to other medical billing firms. Our REAL TIME reports provide the financial data for your firm in several pieces, so you can examine every facet of your billing cycle. With a single click, quickly monitor provider performance and make informed judgments.

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Why Choose Us

Team of Professional Billers for Physical Therapy Practice

Our skilled, certified billing professionals can concentrate on what really matters—customer service—with the help of advanced technologies. Your emails and calls are returned, and we continually check on claims, track accounts, and ensure compliance. Your devoted account manager oversees a staff of billers, patient payment specialists, and payment posters, all with one thing on their minds: your best interest.

Why our Physical Therapy Billing Company are the Best for You

Outsourcing your physical therapy medical billing to us allows you to focus more on your practice, save time and improve cash flow. As industry experts, we take care of your financial needs while you take care of your patients.

Working with us offers the following benefits:

Certified Specialists

Experienced certified medical billing specialists at Park Medical Billing are familiar with the challenges of PT billing. We can appropriately bill various services. Your claim will be processed fast and accurately, even for neurological therapy, reducing your time worrying about getting paid.

Speedy Processes​

Our physical therapy billing services are intended to hasten payments. You can relax knowing that your medical billing is handled by experts who accurately code, follow up on claims, keep an eye on accounts, and ensure compliance.

High Accuracy​

Every independent physical therapy practice has to understand the details of accurate medical billing, but many cannot afford to do so. While working with the physical therapist, billing and coding expert, or practice administrator currently in charge of it, our physical therapy billing service professionals ensure your clinic receives the money it is entitled to.

Flexible Solutions​

Park Medical Billing Company offers specialized solutions for your practice. We are familiar with the wide range of EMR & PMS software solutions and can either work with your present solution or suggest other ones. The revenue cycle management aspect of your company can be made much simpler by utilizing our services and skilled medical billing specialists.

Your claims will get submitted correctly and on time with continuous cash flow thanks to our technologically advanced billing process and over 25 years of medical billing experience, giving you peace of mind.

Did you know...Nearly 35% of orthopedic surgery claims are incorrect, and almost 25% of every medical claim gets rejected?

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HIPAA Compliant Solutions

Our medical billing company prioritizes HIPAA compliance with
encrypted data transmission, strict access controls, regular audits, and comprehensive staff training. Our secure technology infrastructure, including data encryption in transit and at rest, ensures a robust environment for medical billing operations. Proactive risk assessments and well-defined incident response plans demonstrate our commitment to data security, and Business Associate Agreements extend HIPAA compliance to relevant partners, guaranteeing a secure framework for our services.