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Billing for Speech Therapy Services

Speech Therapy billing can be extremely complex, and that can sometimes lead to unnecessary strain on the finances of speech-language pathologists’ practices. In fact, it is estimated that 83 percent of claims fail to meet at least one documentation requirements, leading to Medicare inappropriately paying about $178 million per year.

Speech Therapy billing can be extremely complex

All of this complexity means that coding and billing take up an enormous amount of time and resources to the average practice, and there are still countless errors, leading to denials and underpayments.

Lessen your administrative personnel and overheads

By contracting with Park Medical Billing, you can lower your costs and increase revenue. You can also lessen your dependence on administrative personnel and all the overhead costs that go along with speech therapy billing.

Additionally, you can reduce your risk of both underpayment and malpractice litigation.

Get access to skilled coders and billers

Speech Therapy billing requires almost the same level of professional skills and knowledge as speech therapy medicine itself. You need skilled coders and billers who know how to apply the correct modifiers, such as AT, to ensure that all of your claims are appropriately submitted.

We worry about paperwork so you don’t have to

With speech therapy billing company, you’ll know that all of your billing is up to par and won’t raise any red flags for RACs, MPICs, MACs, and other audit systems. We are experts in our field, so instead of worrying about your paperwork, you can worry about being an expert in yours.

A good medical billing company will ease your workload and increase your revenue. Imagine everything you could achieve if you could focus all your energy on your medical profession instead of paperwork.

Cutting-edge, HIPAA compliant technology and software

Park Medical Billing uses cutting-edge, customer-friendly technology to streamline your billing process and client records. And there’s no need to worry about privacy; all of our software is HIPAA compliant and designed so that no record is accessible without proper authorization. Your patients’ right to privacy is just as important to us as it is to you.

Up-to-date with all industry changes

Park Medical Billing company has over 25 years of medical billing experience and uses a technologically advanced billing system. We also stay up to date with changes in Medicare compliance guideline. You will experience peace of mind that comes from knowing your claims are submitted both timely and correctly while generating continual cash flow.

For additional information about our speech therapy billing services, please call us at (201) 585-7306 or email at info@parkmedicalbilling.com. We look forward to providing you with the high-quality billing services you deserve.

what Our clients say

  • Luis Hinc Avatar

    As the owner and Clinical Director, I was extremely impressed with the level of commitment to have the staff from PMB not only listen to my concerns and questions, but to promptly and quickly respond and resolve. The other component of their services, is their desire to share ideas and possibilities to improve my overall revenue. I would recommend the services of PMB and their staff, without ANY RESERVATIONS!!!!

    Luis Hinc
    Owner/Clinical Director, Fortaleza Rehab
  • Aaron Loeffler Avatar

    Over the past year, we contemplated outsourcing this component. We called a few companies, and were underwhelmed with what they had to offer. We then called Chol and Park Medical Billing. From the outset, it was evident to us that they stood out above the other companies we had spoken to. The decision to move forward with them was a no-brainer, and we have not been let down. Since the beginning, Park Medical has provided excellent service. They have always been accessible, and have worked

    Aaron Loeffler
    OWNER, Orange Physical Therapy ​
  • William (Bill) Medway Avatar

    I am the owner of ABC Physical Therapy in Somerville NJ and I hired Park Medical in 2016 because I was having a disaster with the other billing company I had been using since Jan 2014. Since hiring Park Medical I have been able to sleep at night knowing everything is running smoothly now. They do everything from A to Z and if I ever have a billing problem they always find a way to resolve the issue and get me back on my feet. ABC Physical Therapy participates with almost all the insurance plans and because of this we... read more

    William (Bill) Medway
    Owner, ABC Physical Therapy
  • Brittany Koutsogiannopoulos Avatar

    I have worked with many billing companies as time as Practice Manager. All the previous companies only worried about what best worked for them not my clinic. Then I started working with Park Medical Billing. This company truly puts their clients needs first. They have customized reports, updated their site for our convenience. They also have an amazing quick turn around time with answers and solutions. I have never been so happy to work with a billing company before them. I truly recommend anyone to try them out. You will not be disappointed.

    Brittany Koutsogiannopoulos
    Practice Manager, Evolve Physical Therapy
  • Elizabeth Divinagracia Avatar

    Since we changed our billing company last June of 2016, HRS has been more guided to improve our reimbursement. Park Medical Billing is very professional,systematic and always makes a follow-up with the issues we encounter in out out-patient PT clinic. Very accommodating,respectful and very nice people.

    Elizabeth Divinagracia
    Owner, Hudson Rehab
  • Michele DeSimone ​ Avatar

    I have recently transitioned to Park Medical Billing and am very happy with the decision to do so. As the Clinical Director, I am very pleased with the prompt response to any and all questions. Chol and his staff are willing to consistently work with my employees and always find a solution that works best for my company. The staff of PMB especially Monica, work extremely hard and are dedicated to customize our experience. Overall, PMB has been outstanding as each staff member goes above and beyond while working with my company. I highly recommend Chol and the staff at... read more

    Michele DeSimone ​
    Clinical Director and Speech Language Pathologist, The Sensory Studio ​
  • Brett Michener Avatar

    Since hiring Park Medical Billing we have been impressed with their level of knowledge of physical therapy billing practices and exemplary customer service. Park’s team has turned around a desperate situation and retuned us to profitability in a matter of a few months. Chol was able to institute streamlined billing practices as well as make himself available to us regarding any questions or concerns we had through a challenging time in our company’s history.

    Audrey Cooper has been a great addition to our team as well. She is continuing to help my employees collect the correct data and follow up with...
    read more

    Brett Michener
    CEO, M&M Physical Therapy
  • Suzanne Capuano, Office Manager Avatar

    Park Medical Billing is a team of experienced, well-trained professionals dedicated to delivering the best reimbursements. After a less-than-stellar billing experience with a large software company, PMB streamlined our billing procedures and increased our revenue. Chol facilitated a smooth transition. His staff are attentive and responsive to the needs of our outpatient physical therapy practice. I am very glad that we made the switch to PMB!

    Suzanne Capuano, Office Manager
    Office Manager, M&M Physical Therapy
  • David Karge​ Avatar

    We have nothing but high praise to offer for Park Medical Billing. From day one there has been a very consistent and clear line of contact between our business and PMB. This means we can connect with our billing specialist right away, and any questions or issues we have are addressed in a very timely fashion. We also appreciate how PMB has worked with us to customize the way we view our billing data so we can have quick and complete access to all claims and payments. PMB is highly recommended!​

    David Karge​
    Branch Manager, Integrated Medical Care​
  • Dr. Matthew Holtzer Avatar

    Everyone at Park Medical billing is very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. They know Physical Therapy billing !!!
    Always able to speak with someone in the office who can take care of any billing questions you might have.
    Extremely happy with this company and highly recommend.

    Dr. Matthew Holtzer
    Owner, Holmdel PT & Sports Medicine,LLC
  • Dennis Iaccarino Avatar

    Chol and staff have been nothing short of excellent since they took over our billing services. They process claims quickly, follow up on unpaid claims and use their scrubbing software to ensure that claims are correct and have modifiers if needed so we get paid faster. Since hiring Park Medical Billing my life has become much less stressful.

    Dennis Iaccarino
    Co-Owner, Blue Bell Physical Therapy
  • Alex Brito Avatar

    Park Medical is everything we were looking for and more in a billing company. They went above and beyond our expectations.

    Alex Brito
    Owner, Springfield Therapy
  • Teri Brannon Avatar

    I am writing in reference to Park Medical Billing Company. Early this year, TOPS Physical Therapy and Osteopractics, decided to change from in house billing to a billing company. We interviewed several companies and made the decision to hire Park Medical Billing. We are very happy that we chose this company.

    From the beginning, Park Medical Billing Company was very informative, gave a comprehensive presentation, answered many of our questions before we had to ask them. They are timely, follow through with commitments made and very accessible. We had to communicate quite often during...
    read more

    Teri Brannon
    Operations Manager, Tops Physical Therapy and Osteopractics
  • Jessica Shursky, PT Avatar

    We have worked with Park Medical Billing for about 1 year and we are extremely happy with the level of service they have provided. We have worked with other billing companies that charge a premium for their billing services without providing the same level of service as Park Medical. Our account manager at Park Medical is extremely knowledgeable and responsive to the needs of our clinic. As a result, our bottom line has improved. I highly recommend Park Medical Billing services.​

    Jessica Shursky, PT
    CO-OWNER, Wellbridge Physical Therapy​

Find Out How We Work

how we accelerate your practice revenue

Integrated Systems

Successful billing starts at the entry point. We use automated integration to transfer your billing information from your EHR or EMR to our system. No data entry errors, fast claim submissions and time consuming manual data entry eliminated.

Custom Scrubbing

We submit clean claims - correct and complete the first time. Each client has their own scrubber, updated with the most recent insurance regulations and your practice’s unique needs. Perfect for larger practices with multiple locations and providers.​

Daily Denial Emails

Our custom algorithms create our one of a kind Daily Denial Reports. This email arrives in your account manager’s inbox every morning, with the previous day’s denials from all the ERA’s that came in. This unique email saves countless hours of work so our billers can dedicate their time to working those denials to maximize your reimbursement.​

Real-time Reporting

We are incomparable to other medical billing companies when it comes to providing transparency and business insight with the help of our intuitive reporting. Our REAL TIME reports show your practice’s financial information in numerous reports, so you can see all aspects of your billing cycle. Immediately track provider performance and make qualified decisions with the click of a button.​


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