Anesthesia Billing


Truly Custom & Technology Enhanced Revenue Cycle Management Solutions for Medical Practice

Billing for anesthesia is a unique challenge among all medical specialties. Due to errors in billing, delayed payments, and other difficulties, anesthesiologists lose 30 to 50 percent of their expected turnover every year, which can be a significant drain on both productivity and revenue.

This is because there are many unique complexities in anesthesia billing, including time unit calculators, concurrency, and medical direction. The correct application of these modifiers adds yet another layer of difficulty to this practice. Combine all of this with a rigid reporting framework, and the result is a large number of anesthesia practices that do not have the staff or skills to bill correctly. In addition, all of the attention on billing can also take up valuable time that anesthesiologists would prefer to spend developing and improving their core skill sets.

Not having the expertise required for billing these types of procedures can lead to declining payments and increasing operational costs. Correct billing, however, can go a long ways toward fixing both of these problems.

The ideal billing service will not only remove the stress of ensuring proper billing from the anesthesiologist, it will also improve cash flow through correct and accurate reporting. An optimal billing service can also improve claim reimbursement percentages. Park Medical Billing’s team of billing experts will manage all of your billing needs, from the epidural injection, to premedication administration and even time-based visits.

Park Medical Billing can also cut down your accounts payable by reducing claim cycles and collection costs while lowering your operational costs since you no longer need to worry about doing all of your billing in-house. Anesthesia billing is our specialty, so all of our practitioners are constantly up to date with the most recent coding regulations as well as any updates to those regulations. This is, again, one less thing that your practice will need to worry about.

What could you do when you no longer have to worry about billing and reporting?

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