Applying The Best Practices In Your Medical Billing

Medical billing is really a central pillar of any health care practice.

It is considered as one of the most important aspects of running a successful practice. With the right team and proper knowledge and process of medical billing, it can increase revenue and profitability. However, If done improperly without using best practices, it can cause all kinds of financial difficulties for your facility and its staff, and this can lead to lowered standards of patient care and less patient satisfaction.

So what are the best practices in billing? Well, here’s a short list of the best practices in medical billing:

Researching Prior To Rendering Services

park medical billing denied claims

Prior to service rendering to the patient, it would be wise to assess their eligibility for medical insurance coverage claims. Failing to secure insurance information may leave your practice in the lurch if a patient is unable to pay for the services or if the patient’s insurance policy does not cover the services that were rendered. This is considered important for patient satisfaction as no patient wants to walk to the check-out desk and then find out that they are on the hook for costs that they thought were covered.

Code Your Billing Documents Correctly

Medical Billing

Once your billing staff has determined the financial responsibility of a patient, they will need to properly code billing documents. Proper coding will ensure that a patient is paying for the services that he or she has received, and it will also ensure that your practice is receiving the correct payment for services rendered. Failing to properly code billing documents can confuse patients and frustrate them, and it can also mean lost revenue for your practice.

Also, be on a lookout for bad coding and billing habits as it may affect your practice as well.

Verify Everything


Denials or delays in receiving funds from a claim is possible if your medical billers commit an error such as typos. It is one of the most common causes for a denials or delays. A single mistake, such as a misplaced letter, can be just as serious as a complete and total substitution of patient name data when it comes to claims rejections. Furthermore, thorough verification in all documents prior to sending them off is very important. Rejected or delayed claims not only hurt your practice’s cash flow, but they can also lead to irate customers.

Consider Outsourcing Your Medical Billing to Park Medical Billing

Finally, you can alleviate a lot of headaches, both for you and your patients, by outsourcing your medical billing to a reliable partner, like Park Medical Billing, where they have advanced billing options. Medical Billing can be a demanding and challenging task for many medical practitioners, which is why there are medical practices that outsource their medical billing to relieve them from further tasks.

Park Medical Billing is your reliable partner for all bills that will surely be submitted on time with the correct information. We know and fully understand the importance of correct informations and error-free claims so there won’t be delays or denials.

Feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you and your business.

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