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One Lesser-Known Way Private Practices Can Gain a Competitive Edge

Between hospitals and the numerous other private practices just around the corner, competition can be tough for any private practice.

It can be difficult to set your practice apart when many others offer the same services at the same prices. There’s always the solution of providing greater value, but with a number of other private practices doing the same, your practice could still get lost among them.

What your practice needs is a competitive edge physical therapy. Something that can help it stand out, without having to shell out. Thankfully there’s one lesser-known way you can do this: DMEPOS.


DMEPOS or Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetic, Orthotic, & Supplies is not the most well-known of programs that PTs and OTs can offer, but it is one of which they should take advantage. Why? Since 2009 the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services have clearly stated that occupational and physical therapists are exempted from surety bond or accreditation requirements in order to provide Durable Medical Supplies in their practices. This means that therapists can provide their patients with Durable Medical Supplies without having to go through the hurdles that other prospective suppliers have to go through.

Of course, this is provided that therapists meet three conditions:
They are the sole owner and operator of their business/practice
The supplies are provided only to the PT/OT’s own clients as part of his/her services provided and
Only orthotics, prosthetics and supplies are being billed.

Therapists must also make sure they abide by the other APTA regulations regarding the supply of DMEPOS items.

An Edge Not to be Underestimated

You might be wondering why this program is not widely-known as a means of gaining a competitive edge, and that is probably because the benefits of its implementation do not center around increased revenue. The benefits of providing DMEPOS items go beyond revenue. It ensures continuity of patient care and assures both yourself and your patient that they are being fitted with the ideal Durable Medical Equipment and by a person who is truly qualified. By offering DMEPOS items you are not only able to extend your scope of service but also increase the patient’s trust in you.

Enrolling your practice for DMEPOS is just one of the ways you can give your practice that competitive edge physical therapy. If you’d like to learn more ways, get in touch with our physical therapy billing services today. We have years of expertise in medical billing and practice revenue cycle management that can help and has helped numerous private practices not only maximize revenue, but bring their practices a step above the rest. Call us now at 1-201-585-7306.

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