Outsource Your Billing to Overcome Chiropractic Billing Challenges

So – you are the owner of a busy chiropractic practice, and you want to make sure that you are focusing on your clients instead of wasting time with billing. What are your options? Well, first things first I want to talk about the challenges that face chiropractors, and then explain how outsourcing can save you both time and money.

Due to the fact that coding recommendations and billing regulations are always changing in the chiropractic and pain management arena, the amount of administrative work involved in the daily routine of a chiropractic practice has made it difficult for a lot of practices to properly prepare for ICD-10.

In order to avoid denials and delayed payments caused by mistakes, coverage issues and incorrect payments you need to alter your billing practices as per the changing payer environment.

Some issues that chiropractic practice owners face:

– Lack of employee accountability and issues with performance due to lack of proper training – which leads to lower cash flow.
– The absence of a proper tracking system for daily billing, which causes issues with receivables and collections.
– Appointment cancellations and empty time slots, again leading to lower cash flow.

What you need is to make sure that you have the right tools and expertise in place in order to run your chiropractic practice smoothly. By outsourcing you can boost revenue and allow your employees to focus on keeping the patient happy and satisfied.

Advantages associated with outsourced chiropractic billing:

– Accelerated payments
– Collections and income will improve due to regular follow-ups
– Latest trends in chiropractic billing procedures are in place
– Access to full practice management and financial reporting
– Error-free coding
– Access to patient data and financial information 24/7

The bottom line is that chiropractic billing is too big to overlook and too critical to be left in the hands of inexperienced employees. So, it makes sense to hire companies Park Medical Billing to help you with all of your billing challenges.

If you think it’s time that you look into outsourcing we encourage you to give us a call at 1-201-585-7306 or contact us for a free live demo today!

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