Steps in Handling Denied Medical Claims Management

Creating a system to maximize efficiency in handling denied claims is a must especially when we deal with active healthcare claims processing. Most practices get too worried when it comes to working claims, particularly denied ones. Proper handling of denied claims is essential to identify the prospective income lost and begin an effective medical claims management service.

Below are some of tips on how to increase the overall performance of this aspect of your revenue generation and accurately process denied claims.



Look over all the denials which caused the problem and try to locate an area that might be a cause for errors on a large scale.  A specific problem that several denials have in common can be Noticed or can lead to practical steps where it does not occur again. It saves the Time, Money and Effort.


Keep Track of Success and Failures.

By keeping record on all your results, your denials system will provide your team with documentation that will show how well the methods used in the past to get paid from denials have worked. While there is no perfect solution, to have such data will help get rid of useless methods and present new ones that perform well.


Keep Track of all of your Claims

Basic as it may sound but this is a common issue: many healthcare providers do not track all their claims. And that is a big No-No.

Some practices don’t have enough people or resources available to track all their claims, the only way to define the problem is to use an effective method that will help teams keep track of denials so that they do not lose even a single claim in their system.


Regular Completion of Denials is a must.

If a claim was submitted incorrectly it will get returned or denied, then it needs to be corrected and submitted again. Handle this within a week or earlier if the correction is a negligible one. In this way, all denials get high priority and addressed quickly so that they are not ignored or returned. In addition, many health insurance companies places time limits to re-file their denied claims, so this should be taken into account as well.

The good news is that every small improvement will make a large change in the Revenues of the healthcare business.


Consider Park Medical Billing for Better Denial Management Process.

Another one wise step towards success will be Outsourcing your denial management process to an expert company, like Park Medical Billing, that focuses on Revenue Cycle Management solutions. When choosing which solution to use, there are a few questions you should ask like, the use expert teams that is highly skilled in working with insurance systems, turnaround times to get the denials addressed etc. By outsourcing your denial management process to our medical billing company, One can pay more attention to focus further on Patients.

If you want to practice successful Denial Management Process, Our efficient and trained staff can help you out. Please feel free to call 1-201-585-7306 or email at

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