Bots and Automation: Why Park Medical Billing is the Future of Medical Billing 

Automation has transformed the account industry, and now it is time for the Medical Billing industry to evolve. Park Medical Billing is on the cutting edge of this evolution. We are one of the first billing companies to fully embrace automation, and our clients are reaping the benefits in every aspect of our services.  

With automation, the horrors that come with manual billing, like discrepancies, rejections, and other errors are now a thing of a past.     In this article, we’re going to discuss the advantages of these innovations for your medical practices.


Making Medical Billing Easier Through Automated Data Entry 

Manually keying in codes, demographics and insurance information is time consuming and will contain errors, even with the most careful billers. It is human nature to occasionally reverse a number, forget a modifier or copy down the wrong DX code. Automation, by definition, makes no human error mistakes.      

With Park Medical Billing’s advanced systems, it brings down the number of billing entry errors to zero, while greatly reducing the transfer time needed for manual entry. All of your billing information is automatically carried over from your EHR (EMR) to our comprehensive billing software for further processing. Many billing companies will tell you they use compatible software, but there is no universal billing software that integrates with all EMR’s. PMB uses our own custom software, written for each client, to automate data entry for each of our clients.      

Error-Free Data 

While automation and custom software is the future of billing, it will never replace a billing professional. Judgement will still be required.  Automation will just help us get from collecting data to making decisions faster. 

And on top of that, the advanced systems of Park Medical Billing ensures zero errors so that the submitted claims are clean, correct and complete the first time, expediting the payment process and eliminating rejections and denials. 

Comprehensive and Accurate Data Reports 

Because everything is done through automation, data analysis for reporting is more comprehensive and accurate, compared to other competitors who don’t have automation in their systems yet.    Real time reports provide powerful analysis and data visualization of the financial health of your business. Because our system is always running, clients can view online reports any time to keep them updated to make important business decisions.    In these uncertain times, automation and medical billing go hand-in-hand. Insurance companies are tightening their guidelines and requirements more and more each year. With so many requirements on each claim, and insurances companies spending billions on their automated systems, you need a billing company with the same ammunition as the big guys! 

So, is your business’ medical billing already technologically up-to-date? Time to upgrade and partner with Park Medical Billing today!   

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